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Finally the day is upon us! Even though I had the day off from work theres just something about Fridays that know how get me. We have lifting at 4:30 but that aint not thang. I think we run 12 40s today but I’m  not too nervous about it. Its not like I havent done that shit before. Plus its making me better. I know it sounds cheesy but just go with it. Last night I went out dancing at a western bar and a band named the dan band was there. If you don’t know who they are go find a high rise building and jump off because theyre so funny. They didnt play as much stuff like this but still they were pretty funny. Rangers won yesterday against the Boston Red stockings. All these people are worried because my boy Roddy B had a bad game. People give this guy time and he will come around just wait. I’m predicting he averages over 15 ppg this season.  Hopefully they can come out with a w today too. Its a nice day outside so everybody out there not matter where you are get the hell out of your house today. Go to the lake, creek, you can even take the dog out so he can take shit just get out there! Plus heres some song everybody should check out and download

Too Late For Goodbye-Randy Rogers

Goodbye Hollywood-Jet

Drop Me Off In New Orleans-Kermit Ruffins

Flex-Part Boyz

Our Kind Of Love- Lady Antebellum

Sitting Of  The Dock Of The Bay-Otis Redding

Thats all I got today. I’m peacing out for the day.



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