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Today my friends I have finally encountered the perfect storm for a paid by the hour intern. Basically anybody that has assigned any work to me are gone and I’m left sitting at my secretary desk drinking pink lemonade while acting like I’m reading my email for hours on hand. I feel like I have a long, grueling day ahead of me. Its going to be a battle of staying awake and looking like I’m being productive,None of which is happening today whatsoever. But anyways on to Baseball talk.
Has there been a weirder season that a baseball team has had than the one the Texas Rangers are having right now? Here is a team that is in first place in the AL West by the biggest margin in the majors yet theyre bankrupt! I have never heard of that. and on top of all of it they basically out bid the baseball powerhouse New York Yankees for Ace Cliff Lee! That is absurd and just unheard of. I honestly dont know when this whole ownership thing will get settled and I’m just hoping its before the offseason so the Rangers can resign Cliff Lee. There is an auction happening early next month but I really dont think anythign will happen until this lawsuit that was filed against the Rangers by Nolan Ryan’s investment group. On that, I really hope that his Investment group wins it. What Nolan has done for this team this year is just outstanding. He has had such an impact on the Rangers bullpen this year and at times they are carrying the team this year. I would say for the majority of the season our bullpen has been a strong point. And hats off to the great Jon Daniels. He’s done an amazing job building up our minor league system and signing free agents with minimal assets to work with. Hell he pulled of a deal for a former Cy Young winner while working for a team that is bankrupt! Screw what they said in Tommy Boy, Jon Daniels can stick his head up a bulls as to check otu the steak, tell me how long I need to cook it, what type of seasoning I need to cook it, and figure out what type of side dish goes best with it; Screw the butcher.But anywho I’m going to now wnader around the office and try to find anything to do. I think at this point I would enjoy filing rubber dog shit. I’m out and will probably update later given my plethera of free time today



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