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I’ll admit I haven’t watched but 5 minutes of the ESPY’s. I hate Chris Berman. He wears me out more than Eli Manning talking. If I have to hear BACK BACK BA BA BA BAACKKKK!!! Or DA RAAAAIIIIIDDDAASSSSSS one more time I will drive my car off a cliff into a group of baby seals. How does that man keep a job so long? I’ve been playing NCAA 11 and so far I’m not that impressed. Its realtivley the same as 10 in the modes I’ve played. I don’t like the simming in dynasty mode but I love the new recruiting mode. I havent played online yet and I hear good things about it. Well I’m out. I’ll leave yall with this funny video from barstoolsports. Theres some language here and there so make your kids do the ear muffs thing


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