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Well free agency is now pretty much over besides guys that are too over the hill to get in their own car to go to the game (Shaq sorry buddy) and some other spare parts that will not play a significant role on any team. For now I’ll get to the huge topic that everybody has been talking about. This supposed talk about the Miami Heat as a “Super Team”. What is wrong with the world??? They have a second tier point guard in Chalmers, some second round picks, big z and Juwan Howard(who I was certain retired a good 5 years ago). I do like their acquisition of Mike Miller who is a very good shooter from the outside and will be the Heats version of James Posey.  With that being said The Lakers are still the best team in the NBA without a doubt. They have the best player in the NBA in Kobe Bryant and a top 3 low post player in Pau Gasol. Throw in a point guard who knows how to manage a team (Derek Fisher), the best 6th man in the league in Lamar Odom, and some other really good players in Steve Blake, Andrew Bynum and others. There is nobody that can hang with them in a full seven game series. I also like Orlando out of the east.  Watch for JJ Reddick to have not an outstanding year but I could maybe see him play a huge 6th man role with this team. But back to this super team thing. For them to compete at a high level Lebron James has to do what he said he was going to do and downsize his scoring and ego because this is still D-wades team, not Lebron’s. Here’s what I think their starting 5 needs to look like next year.

PG: Lebron James-he gave up the legacy of King James to play robin to D-wades batman. He needs to accept this role for them to be successful. James always was known as one of the best passers in the NBA and I can really see him flourish at the 1 but again anybody that refers to himself in third person 4 times in one sentence will eventually demand the ball and cause major conflict with his teammates. Look for him to take a Magic Johnson role on this team

SG: Dwayne Wade– still the man in Miami regardless of bringing in 2 time MVP Queen James. He needs to assert his role as a leader on this team and take control in games which I don’t think will be a problem.

SF: Mike Miller– huge pickup for this team. One of the best three point shooters in the NBA that will allow Lebron and D-wade to attack their basket by stretching the defense. This is one of the biggest keys to a game. Go back to the finals of last year and look at the difference of when Ray Ray went out of the game and Tony Allen went in the game. It closed down driving lanes for Rhondo because the Lakers no longer had to worry about a three point threat.

PF: Chris Bosh– Great Low post play and a great role player with excellent range for a big man. I’m skeptical on his defense though.

C: Big Z– Good low post player with exceptional range for his size. Good fit for this team at the 5 and also has experience of 7 years playing with Lebron. He could break down because of his age and the heat might need their second round pick Dexter Pittman to come up big later in the season.

This is all I got for now. I got to get to actually doing something at work so I’m out. More on the Mavericks offseason and my thoughts on it later in the day plus some all-star game comments. Later



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