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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Finally the day is upon us! Even though I had the day off from work theres just something about Fridays that know how get me. We have lifting at 4:30 but that aint not thang. I think we run 12 40s today but I’m  not too nervous about it. Its not like I havent done that shit before. Plus its making me better. I know it sounds cheesy but just go with it. Last night I went out dancing at a western bar and a band named the dan band was there. If you don’t know who they are go find a high rise building and jump off because theyre so funny. They didnt play as much stuff like this but still they were pretty funny. Rangers won yesterday against the Boston Red stockings. All these people are worried because my boy Roddy B had a bad game. People give this guy time and he will come around just wait. I’m predicting he averages over 15 ppg this season.  Hopefully they can come out with a w today too. Its a nice day outside so everybody out there not matter where you are get the hell out of your house today. Go to the lake, creek, you can even take the dog out so he can take shit just get out there! Plus heres some song everybody should check out and download

Too Late For Goodbye-Randy Rogers

Goodbye Hollywood-Jet

Drop Me Off In New Orleans-Kermit Ruffins

Flex-Part Boyz

Our Kind Of Love- Lady Antebellum

Sitting Of  The Dock Of The Bay-Otis Redding

Thats all I got today. I’m peacing out for the day.



Today my friends I have finally encountered the perfect storm for a paid by the hour intern. Basically anybody that has assigned any work to me are gone and I’m left sitting at my secretary desk drinking pink lemonade while acting like I’m reading my email for hours on hand. I feel like I have a long, grueling day ahead of me. Its going to be a battle of staying awake and looking like I’m being productive,None of which is happening today whatsoever. But anyways on to Baseball talk.
Has there been a weirder season that a baseball team has had than the one the Texas Rangers are having right now? Here is a team that is in first place in the AL West by the biggest margin in the majors yet theyre bankrupt! I have never heard of that. and on top of all of it they basically out bid the baseball powerhouse New York Yankees for Ace Cliff Lee! That is absurd and just unheard of. I honestly dont know when this whole ownership thing will get settled and I’m just hoping its before the offseason so the Rangers can resign Cliff Lee. There is an auction happening early next month but I really dont think anythign will happen until this lawsuit that was filed against the Rangers by Nolan Ryan’s investment group. On that, I really hope that his Investment group wins it. What Nolan has done for this team this year is just outstanding. He has had such an impact on the Rangers bullpen this year and at times they are carrying the team this year. I would say for the majority of the season our bullpen has been a strong point. And hats off to the great Jon Daniels. He’s done an amazing job building up our minor league system and signing free agents with minimal assets to work with. Hell he pulled of a deal for a former Cy Young winner while working for a team that is bankrupt! Screw what they said in Tommy Boy, Jon Daniels can stick his head up a bulls as to check otu the steak, tell me how long I need to cook it, what type of seasoning I need to cook it, and figure out what type of side dish goes best with it; Screw the butcher.But anywho I’m going to now wnader around the office and try to find anything to do. I think at this point I would enjoy filing rubber dog shit. I’m out and will probably update later given my plethera of free time today


I’ll admit I haven’t watched but 5 minutes of the ESPY’s. I hate Chris Berman. He wears me out more than Eli Manning talking. If I have to hear BACK BACK BA BA BA BAACKKKK!!! Or DA RAAAAIIIIIDDDAASSSSSS one more time I will drive my car off a cliff into a group of baby seals. How does that man keep a job so long? I’ve been playing NCAA 11 and so far I’m not that impressed. Its realtivley the same as 10 in the modes I’ve played. I don’t like the simming in dynasty mode but I love the new recruiting mode. I havent played online yet and I hear good things about it. Well I’m out. I’ll leave yall with this funny video from barstoolsports. Theres some language here and there so make your kids do the ear muffs thing

The Mavericks have been somewhat quiet this offseason which comes as kind of a surprise to me with the Dampier contract and all. I agree that resigning Dirk and Haywood were the number one priority to the team because without those two I don’t think that the little old mavericks have much a chance. Dirk is the cornerstone of this franchise and I don’t care how bad he does I don’t think the Mavericks can get rid of him now. He could’ve teamed up with another big free agent this offseason and won a championship but he chose to show his loyalty to the Mavs and sign here. The only way I can see the Mavs trading him now is if there is clearly zero percent chance that the Mavericks are never going to win a championship. Haywood is just a good starting center. No more no less but one thing did strike me as odd. He averaged three less points and two less rebounds than Dampier did when the Mavs signed him to that junk contract. But all that being said Haywood was playing with good players while Dampier was with the lowly Warriors. Plus we got him for a fair price at roughly 7 million a year. Speaking of Damp and his contract that’s the size of J-Lo’s ass, at first, I didn’t really like the trade that was made yesterday. The more I think about it though the more I like it. Chandler had an injury plagued year last year with the bobcats and before that failed a physical that would’ve sent him to the Thunder, All while averaging about 6 points and 7 rebounds per game. But saying all that I like how he fits in Dallas. He won’t get nearly the minutes that he was getting in Charlotte which could work in his favor giving his past of injuries. He will also have that energy that the mavericks have wanted and needed since the Mavericks acquired Dennis Rodman and he had his short stint back in 2000. Also the money Side of the deal works out very well in the Mavericks Favor. We take Najera off the books that we owed about 6 million over two years and then Matt Carrols three year 11 million dollar deal. The key to this trade was Chandlers Expiring Contract net year and also the 5 million dollar trade exception. This will allow a team that has a player that’s making 16 million to pursue a trade with the Mavericks for Chandler and his expiring contract of 11 million and that five million dollar trade exception. This deal will solely depended on how Roddy B does at the off guard position. If Roddy comes out and performs like a great player like the Mavs are making him out to be you have to like the Mavericks chances at least getting to the Western Conference Finals. If not, look for a trade made during the season preferably at the deadline. Some of the players that I think are good possibilities are Gilbert Arenas, Eric Gordon, Jamal Crawford, Gerald Wallace, John Salmons, and maybe, just maybe if the Hornets don’t do well, Chris Paul. Here’s how I see the Mavericks starting 5 as of right now.
PG: Jason Kidd– Getting way too old and will start to show his age
SG: Rodrigue Beaubois– Interested to see what this young kid out of France can do
SF: Caron Butler– Needs to be way more consistent than he was last year with the Mavs
PF: Dirk Nowitzki– Not as great as he used to be, but his mid range turnaround fade away is something that nobody in the league can duplicate
C: Brendon Haywood– Serviceable center that adds more scoring and defense to the middle. Needs to grab more boards and not get into early foul trouble
I also really like Dominique Jones out of USF so look for him to crack a spot in the rotation. Anyways, those are my Maverick thoughts for now. Baseball talk and what kind of mess the Rangers are in later.

Well free agency is now pretty much over besides guys that are too over the hill to get in their own car to go to the game (Shaq sorry buddy) and some other spare parts that will not play a significant role on any team. For now I’ll get to the huge topic that everybody has been talking about. This supposed talk about the Miami Heat as a “Super Team”. What is wrong with the world??? They have a second tier point guard in Chalmers, some second round picks, big z and Juwan Howard(who I was certain retired a good 5 years ago). I do like their acquisition of Mike Miller who is a very good shooter from the outside and will be the Heats version of James Posey.  With that being said The Lakers are still the best team in the NBA without a doubt. They have the best player in the NBA in Kobe Bryant and a top 3 low post player in Pau Gasol. Throw in a point guard who knows how to manage a team (Derek Fisher), the best 6th man in the league in Lamar Odom, and some other really good players in Steve Blake, Andrew Bynum and others. There is nobody that can hang with them in a full seven game series. I also like Orlando out of the east.  Watch for JJ Reddick to have not an outstanding year but I could maybe see him play a huge 6th man role with this team. But back to this super team thing. For them to compete at a high level Lebron James has to do what he said he was going to do and downsize his scoring and ego because this is still D-wades team, not Lebron’s. Here’s what I think their starting 5 needs to look like next year.

PG: Lebron James-he gave up the legacy of King James to play robin to D-wades batman. He needs to accept this role for them to be successful. James always was known as one of the best passers in the NBA and I can really see him flourish at the 1 but again anybody that refers to himself in third person 4 times in one sentence will eventually demand the ball and cause major conflict with his teammates. Look for him to take a Magic Johnson role on this team

SG: Dwayne Wade– still the man in Miami regardless of bringing in 2 time MVP Queen James. He needs to assert his role as a leader on this team and take control in games which I don’t think will be a problem.

SF: Mike Miller– huge pickup for this team. One of the best three point shooters in the NBA that will allow Lebron and D-wade to attack their basket by stretching the defense. This is one of the biggest keys to a game. Go back to the finals of last year and look at the difference of when Ray Ray went out of the game and Tony Allen went in the game. It closed down driving lanes for Rhondo because the Lakers no longer had to worry about a three point threat.

PF: Chris Bosh– Great Low post play and a great role player with excellent range for a big man. I’m skeptical on his defense though.

C: Big Z– Good low post player with exceptional range for his size. Good fit for this team at the 5 and also has experience of 7 years playing with Lebron. He could break down because of his age and the heat might need their second round pick Dexter Pittman to come up big later in the season.

This is all I got for now. I got to get to actually doing something at work so I’m out. More on the Mavericks offseason and my thoughts on it later in the day plus some all-star game comments. Later