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The Super Bowl ended last night with the New Orleans Saints winning their first Championship in their first ever appearance.  There are some things Im happy about and things Im not so happy about.  I’ll start with the things that Im happy about.  Drew Brees is a great QB.  Im happy to see a guy come back from surgery and getting dumped by his former team to lead his team to the Super Bowl and get MVP.  Im happy for the city of New Orleans.  That city has been through a lot and while this wont fix anything it does give the city something else to think about.  And also Sean Payton, a great coach, making very ballsy calls and winning his first Super Bowl.  Now to the not so happy things, actually just one thing, my friend TJ’s ridiculously intoxicating love for the Saints coupled with his loathing of the Cowboys, has led me to hate the freaking team in New Orleans.  So last night I was a Colts fan.  Therefore disappointment was the emotion I felt last night.

Now a look and the season that was.

Brett Favre came back! And with  a different team at that.  This leads me to believe that he will return the next two seasons and play for the Bears one season and the Lions the other, just to play for every team in the NFC North.  But lets be serious.  Brett Favre will return next season.  The man is absolutlely amazing.  He takes the Vikings to the NFC Championship, and sure it was his sloppy at best pass that sealed their fate, but he still defied his age and shows no evidence of slowing down.  That is why we have not seen the last of Brett Favre.

Brett wasnt the only one that returned to the NFL, Michael Vick made his return to the NFL.  Now, with this guy although he most certainly will return with some new desperate team, I dont think he still has what it takes.  I mean I know he was just a backup but in the time that he did get to play I never saw anything that impressed me enough to think that he could make a difference in any oganization.

The biggest trade of the year definitely goes to the Cutler deal.  Although, neither team made it to the playoffs after the deal both had moments where it looked like both were going to come out better from the deal.  I mean the Broncos looked like one of the best teams in the NFL early in the season.  But I guess the off field antics of Brandon Marshall will catch up to you eventually.  And Jay Cutler showed us all that he is going to need some more help before the Bears are going to be playoff ready.

How bout that Tom Cable.  He sure proved to be the worst decision Al Davis ever made, and thats saying something.

We must also pause to pay respects to the deaths of two young players in the NFL.  Both of these men, Chris Henry and Gaines Adams, were taken in their prime and way before their time.

Now on to some winning and losing streaks.  The Colts set a record for consecutive wins at 23 wins in a row in the regular season before losing to the Jets after benching their starters.  The Saints also had an impressive streak of their own before falling to the Cowboys late in the season and then losing their next two games to finish the season… making the Saints the only team to lose their last three games of the season and win the Super Bowl after that.  The Broncos became the 3rd team since 1970 to start the season with a 6 game win streak and then miss the playoffs.  The Titans had a 6 game streak of their own, losing that is.  But with the resurrection of Vince Young they bounced back and were in my opinion the best team to not make the playoffs this year.  Finally the Steelers became the first team since the 87 Giants to lose 5 consecutive games after winning a Super Bowl in the previous season.

Now on to some records and milestones this year.

Tom Brady set a record for TDs in a quarter with 5 in the 2nd quarter against the Titans.  The Panthers became the second team to have 2 1,100 yard rushers in the same season with Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams.  Kurt Warner set a record for highest completion percentage with 92.3% in week 2.  Brandon Marshall caught 21 passes in a loss to the Colts, breaking a previous mark set by TO at 20.  Aaron Rogers became the first Qb to throw for 4000 yards in his first two seasons.  Joshua Cribbs broke the return record set by Devin Hester. (I know this is turning into a list but lets be honest, all pretty impressive.)  Drew Brees set a season completion percentage record at 70.6%.  We also saw the highest scoring playoff game in history with the Cardinals beating the Packers 51-45.  The Cowboys set a single game attendance record at 105,121.  And the conference championships became the most watched playoff games in history.

All in all it was a great season.  For me, a Cowboy fan, I would have liked to have the Cowboys win another playoff game or two but I saw improvements, and I think we are on the right track.

But the question at the end of every season no matter the sport is did the right team win it all?  Lets think about it.  The Saints, 13-3 regular season, barely scraped by the Vikings in the NFC Championship with the aid of a couple bad calls, won it all this year.  Were they the right team? Were they the best team? I think so.  The Colts are a great team dont get me wrong, but the Saints were on a mission the whole year.  That team played like nobodys business throughout the year and lit up the scoreboard in every single match-up.  So yes, this win was deserved by this team.  And also for the city that had nothing to be proud of but a party once a year and Boudan.  This win means a lot to the city of New Orleans.  Saying that do I think that the players really meant it when they said they wanted to win it for New Orleans? No.  Lets face it, the players these days care about one thing and one thing only, money.  Thats how it is and always will be.  Especially now that the 2011 season is almost certainly not going to happen.  Its the world we live in God help us all.  Thats whats wrong with Sports.


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