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So this weekend was awesome but now I gotta get back to school. I had fun also while being somewhat productive. I got almost all of my homework done for the week and I should get finished with it all early today. But the Randy Rogers and Ragweed concert were awesome. Randy in my mind was way better than Ragweed.He managed to play a lot of his old stuff and not too much from his new cd. I don’t mind the new cd stuff the old stuff is just way better. Ragweed was alright but really stepped up their game towards the end of their show. Randy came back on to sing boys from Oklahoma and then they ended in Crazy Eddies last Hurrah. I about had a heart attack  was so excited. other people were around me were probably scared for their life as there’s this big dude right beside them going as nuts as a 13-year-old girl at a Jonas brothers concert. I managed to catch a pic from randy so I can probably get shot dead on the streets today and die happy. Also Grizzly Rose broke the record for most alcohol sold in one night that night. Thats how those Texas bands do it. I went to bars for the first time this weekend and they were better than expected. I had a blast there.

But anyways to the football games. I watched both of them and both of them were pretty good games. I applaud the Jets on a good season they just got beat by the better team that day. I am very scared of that team next year though. Sánchez will be better next year and they’ll have that three-headed monster at running back in washington, greene, and Jones. Their d is also going to be scary good next year too. The Saints Vikings game was awesome, but it seemed like the Vikings offense lost that game for them. They fumbled an ungodly amount and still somehow managed to get the game into over time. I’m glad the saints won just in spite of Brett Favre team jumping like he is. I hope h retires after this year even though I highly doubt that will happen. The Saints were doing a great job at putting pressure on him and keeping him on his toes. He was looking his age by the end of that game.  My cousin told me a great brett rule of thumb after he threw his first pick. Favre never throws just one int in a game. and sure enough, with the game pretty much won for the Vikings Brett rolls out and throws just a horrendous pass and it gets picked. That play cost the Vikings the game even after all those fumbles and I’m glad it was Brett that threw the game away. But anyways I’m going to finish this whole homework thing.


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