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Sorry about the picture. I just stoked about seeing good ole Randy and Ragweed on Friday. Its going to be an awesome time. Its been a year since I’ve seen any of them in concert but back in my high school days I swear I saw these guys like every other week. But this post is going to be a sports free post. I want to Jib Jab a little so bear with me here. I played never have I ever for the first time in a while Lauren the Lush and Chili Dog were just dominating me. it sucked We than got on the talk on guy/girl stuff and I figured what better time to bust out the Jon and Keller theories on girls:
1) girls will throw their best friend under the bus
2)5 second hooker dance
3) 3 second checkout theory
4) a guy and a girl who are a couple try to hook their best friend up with the other ones best friend
5) Girls dress up to outdress other girls when they go out

some are false for girls but overall, I’d say they’re all pretty true. Also, a quick hypothetical I’ve ran across lately. I want to hear everybodys feedback on this too. So anyways if you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life would it be blow jobs or cheese?  it’s a hard hypothetical so ill let your mind wander on that.



  1. i would give up cheese…blow jobs are amazing and keller you are gay for picking cheese

  2. The alternatives to cheese are fucking disgusting. Alternative to blow job… anal. I’m giving up blow jobs.

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