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As we all may know the Cowboys played against the Vikings this past sunday and just got destroyed in every sense of the word 34-3. nothing looked good and again everybody in the big d is up in arms about what to do with this team. I could focus on Tony Romo laying a duck, their o-line grabbing a bag of popcorn and watching Romo get killed, or contemplate weather Roy Williams even left the team hotel. I’m going to focus my attention on more of a moral grey area. Was it wrong that the Vikings ran up the score? (and lets not listen to old man Brett here, when you win 34-3, you ran up the score.) Heres what  Keith had to say about it.

I thought it was classless. I thought it was B.S. Granted, we get paid to stop them, but we had zero timeouts left. I didn’t think there was any call for that.

Keith, stop crying about it. Like you said, you’re a paid athlete that is also a mature man. This isn’t pop warner where you can go wine to your mommy about it and have her take you out to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal to make it all better, you’re a man act like it. The Vikings prepared better for the game and than went out and executed their game plan almost flawlessly. They deserved to run up the score on a cowboy team that came out flat and unprepared. Nothing is wrong with embracing a win by scoring more times than Tiger Woods with hoochie mammas. So Keith Brooking if you’re still hurting bust your ass this offseason and get your teammates ready to play for a Superbowl next year so it doesn’t happen again.

Sidenote: Update on Mines Football morning running: It was pretty terrible I’m not going to lie. I was about dead at the end of the workout but I feel like I got something out of it. Freshman year here it was not the case, they were just trying to make people quit and it was horrible. Everybody out there download Knockout by Lil Wayne. Great song and has an awesome beat. Mavs looked awesome against the Celtics. I think this team is for real and they’re looking great.

Modern Warfare 2 stat of the day: Gallas went 41-6 and than 42-10 in back to back games last night. He was playing like a man possessed, I didn’t even know it was possible to waste more than 40 people.



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