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I want to apologize to all of our 2 loyal fans that are still out there for not updating this for over half a year. Me taking a mere 12 hours this semester and 6 of those two are classes that I’ve taken already I should find more time to update this dam thing. Now that I’ve had that rant I’ll get to some shit off my mind.
I’ve got NO CLASSES Friday this semester which scares me so much lol. It should be fun though. I went to Plato’s closet and got 57 bucks back. I’ll call it a win since I never wear shit that’s in style anymore. I don’t care how many people wear that affliction shit or Ed hardy crap…you’re still a faggot end of story. This weekend was pretty nuts. I got to meet the famed “Lauren the Lush”. This chick is pretty cool and is the only chick that I’ll ever say can drink me under the table. It was nuts this girl went toe to toe with me and everything I drank. By the end of the night we were taking shots of Scotch lol. Mines also had their famed recruiting party this weekend. For some reason I wasn’t really in the partying mood. Sometimes they just get old because it’s always the same people and the same shit happens. I like to mix it up a little. I just ended up sitting around a fire pit they had in the backyard most of the night and the ADD kid I am just running around the party having a conversation that lasted no longer than a minute with everybody. The cowboys blew nuts yesterday. I would put that game in with the cowboy’s eagle’s game of 08 as one of the worst meltdowns of a team I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t really know what the cowboys have to do to get better. They’re in that awkward stage where they’re good but not great. Tony Romo has to be more consistent and that’s that. Last night I visited the grizzly rose to dance a little and that was a very weird experience. On Sunday nights they allow 18 and younger kids in there until 10 or 11 I think. Never in my life have I felt so old. I was afraid to check any girl out in fear that I would get the cops called on me. I don’t have to get all those x’s on my hands anymore and that’s like Christmas in itself. At one point during my time there they were playing like this weird rap techno shit that nobody knew how to dance to. So of course I went to the fist pump which was brought back by the Jersey shore show. I proceeded to get about 20 high schoolers round me to fist pump and claim we’re fuckin champs. It was greatness. I just want to vent on my hatred over line dancing. It fuckin sucks. All memorization and absolutely no skill involved. You do the same thing over and over and over. It just gets so boring. I thought about making the night interesting last night and dancing with some cougars that were on the dance floor but I wisely decided against that. Oh fuck I almost forgot. I got a Randy Rogers AND Ragweed (yep that’s right both motha fucka) concert I’m going to Friday. The countdown is on. This has the potential to be the greatest concert of all time that I’ve ever been to. That’s a big prediction to make since I’ve been to more concerts than fuckin Prince. But anyways I’m calling it what it is and getting into the shower to start this day of hell that’s ahead of me. I’ll try updating this more at last daily.

Edit: I forgot there was a fucking chipocabra found in my hometown today…WHAT THE FUCK! Only in Bridgeport. But here’s the link. Probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen



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