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I just got word the Lebron James will not be participating in the Slam Dunk contest this year. Whats up with that?? He committed to being in the Dunk contest last year and it bugs me that he didn’t follow-up on is word. I thought somebody as smart as Lebron James would do this for the publicity and the fans. Lets look at the greatest player to ever play the game. Michael Jordan had one of his most memorable moments in his career at the Slam Dunk Contest. Hell he even got his name brand logo from that dunk he did. Lebron has won the MVP and all but if he could pull off something spectacular, which he could, than this would just add to the “King” James hype thats going around the world. Also fans want to see this guy throw it down while jumping  over 6 cars and an apartment complex. Come on Lebron do it for your fans at least!!! everybody knows you got it. Instead this kid is worried about getting injured again and of course it all boils don to one thing, Money. Lebron, stop thinking about your contract thats about as fat as Rosie O’Donnell leaving a donut shop and think about your legacy and your fans.

 side note: Mines football has its first morning running in the morning. Lets get real here… I might die tomorrow morning. If this happens Jon, you can have my Xbox live account. Another thought: Tenley from the bachelor is fineeee



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