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Monthly Archives: July 2009


So I’ve just got back to School from a long and awesome week back in Bridgeport, Texas blowing shit up and playing the greatest video game of all time, NBA Live 2005. If you don’t know much about this game let me get you a quick rundown. There is really only 2 things that matter in this game at all. How well a player can shoot and how well he can block. That’s it. In this virtual basketball game of awesomeness I also like tall players because they can shoot over the smaller defenders easier. I myself have composed the NBA live 2005 Dream team. This team would be unbeatable taking down any other unworthy foes.

Point Guard: Kobe Bryant- exceptionally fast, Good Ball handling skills make him able to run the point in this game. Plus having his high ratings in steal, 3-pointers, and dunking doesn’t hurt either. Plus he’s wearing number 8 and who doesnt like that?
Shooting Guard: Tracy McGrady- This man is a beast. He can take the three ball and drain it anywhere on the court. Also he can dunk like mad. With him and Kobe in the backcourt this tandem is unstoppable. Also, it is very unlikely he will get injured on this game and he doesn’t choke in the playoffs.
Small Forward: Rashard Lewis- This tall and lanky small forward, like t-mac and kobe can shoot the three and also dunk. Plus you know he’s 6’10 which is just crazy tall. He also doesn’t have that huge fat contract that people will have to pay him.
Power Forward: Dirk Nowitzki- He’s tall, Can shoot the three and can surprisingly block alright. His three point shooting definitely makes up for his lack of shot blocking abilities and can d-up with some of the bigger defenders. So the best thing about Dirk on this game is he’s not a p***y and actually will dunk and play defense without flopping everywhere.
Center: Rasheed Wallace- Hes big, can block like no other, and also stroke the three every now and than.While playing with Rasheed I have never got a technical foul which is another plus.

Swat King: Chris Anderson- Before he was known as birdman he was just known as the white dude on the hornets that could block anybody. Remember this is pre coke and herion days so he doesnt have any tats and that funky hair which looks very different. Theo Ratliff could also go into this Category.
Rain Man: Peja Stojakovic- He’s tall and can shoot over smaller defenders which is very important in this game. He will make almost anything he shoots. Kyle Korver also gets a shout out here.

Thus concludes my list of important NBA Live players. If you get any of these players on the same team and play a weaker foe…my god have mercy on his soul.