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The video above is probably the weirdist video I’ve seen Ever. Poor Gilbert!! This dude probably sits in front of Gilberts house all day. But on the DL the video does make me laugh.

Anyways I was sitting passing the time by being probably the only person in the world besides Ricky Rubio’s Grandma watching the draft and I’m thinking this is shaping up to be just as horrible of a draft as people thought it was. Even with these “blockbuster” trades its awful. Shaq, V.C., and Jefferson are too old to make an Impact on their teams. I don’t see any of them making a huge Impact even though I think the Cavs will win the title next year. Shaq is going to be good on the marketing side for the Cavs because they now go the 2 biggest names in the game on one team. San Antonio will look good if the bucks do buyout Bruce Bowen’s Contract. I like the Orlando trade the most becasue it gets my boy Rafer “skip to my lou” Alston out of there to prevent a PG controversy. Vince is getting old and he will take shots away from Guys like Hedo (if he stays) and Lewis.

What the hell are the T-wolves thinking drafting three PG’s? Now don’t get my wrong I like all the PG’s they got by three is way too many. I hope that GM isn’t sleeping and at least he didn’t pull an Al Davis. Same goes for my favorite team the Mavs. We got another useless big man who only started 2 games last year at THE Ohio State. What the hell???? He’s tall. Thats all. We got another Dampier on the team now… Awesome



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