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Go Alaska

Go Alaska

  • Shaq going to Cleveland will not put them over the edge.
  • The entire Metroplex is giving up on the Rangers but….they’re in first place.
  • Say what you want about Michael Jackson in the latter half of his life, but the guy was greatness for a time.
  • The NBA draft’s ratings will be loooowwww now, everyone will be tuned in to Jackson coverage.
  • The Palin family has way too much Alaskan pride.
  • How long did Gov. Sanford think he could hide out before people got suspicious?
  • Joe Girardi’s days are numbered.
  • A-Rod’s numbers look like someone recently off steroids.
  • Scott Boras is a large part of why baseball is screwed up today. Bryce Harper is under his “advisement” already and after the SI article, it’s clear where both of their head$ are at.
  • The Mavs traded down 2 spots and added a second round pick. So basically, they’ll pick two spots later and will now waste 2 second round picks instead of 1.
  • If Greg Oden doesn’t do anything next year, he’ll be right there with Darko, just with a better ESPN the Magazine commercial.

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