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I am a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Therefore this past season I wept many times over the short comings of this team.  I have broken down the lack of success this team had into two reasons, which happen to be the two worst things that can happen to any team heading into a season.  One of which is everyone crowning you the champion before the season starts.  The second is all of your players becoming satisfied with where they are.  Luckily, I have a solution for the second.

When a player has a great season, should he be compensated?  Certainly.  I am not against players getting to re-negotiate their contract after a great year.  My problem is this.  What happens the next year?  The player gets his re-negotiation and gets more money.  Now what?  That player is now satisfied with what he has and is just going to ride out the rest of his FAT contract.  The solution is simple.  Just like the players can get more money for a good season, the owner should be reimbursed if that player has a bad season.  Just like they put incentives in contracts for a good season, make a minimum that player must reach as well.  Let’s say I have a defensive end.  He wants a million dollar bonus if he gets 25 sacks this year.  Fine.  But if you don’t get 15, that defensive ends will pay me, the owner, one million dollars for not living up to his potential.  This makes these players, no matter how much they are getting right now, want to continue to do better so they don’t end up getting penalized for poor performance.

They only problem with this is that it would undoubtedly lead to a players strike because, let’s face it, players these days are just too spoiled to go for a deal like this.  However, I see this as our only choice.


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    • thatswhatswrongwithsports
    • Posted June 26, 2009 at 12:46 am
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    The Palin’s may have too much Alaskan pride but they’re all so damm hot its ok


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