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With the NBA draft rolling just around the corner and such a mediocre draft class coming in the league it’s hard to focus on the basketball talent coming in. So with that being said I would like to turn our attention in another direction. With so many NBA players putting out horrible rap albums these days I can only wonder who the next Great Aristotle or T-Hud will be. So I comprised a list of the top five most likely players in this draft to drop a rap album. A message to all NBA draftees: DO NOT ever rap unless you’re going to A) diss Kobe or B)…Wait there is no other reason

5.Tyler Hansbrough– Phsyco T at first glance may look like a Muppet, but once you actually see him on the court he’s crazy. Plus we all know that he can party with the best of them. Name another rapper that would jump off of a frat house into a pool.

4.Stephen Curry– This small school rapper has absolutely no rap potential at all, But he has already been featured in a music video which gives him a leg up on other players. With him likely projected to go to the Big Apple in majority of the draft boards I see the NCAA’S leading scorer trying to take his rap talent somewhere else.

3.Ricky Rubio– Alright so he’s from Spain and probably hasn’t been exposed to the rap game as much as the other people on this list but have you seen what this kid can do with the ball? Just imagine what he could do if you give him a mic and a beat laboratory.

2.Hasheem Thabeet– People, look at his name! This guy was born with an alias rap name! He wasn’t born to play ball he was born to rap.

1.Brandon Jennings– This kid is the cockiest player I’ve seen come into the draft in a long time. And with that being said he probably thinks he’s the best rapper alive so it’s only a matter of time before we see Brandon Jennings being found by Dre and then having T-pain featured in one of his rap videos.

Thus Concludes my list of potential rappers. Theres a lot of Rookies out there so if you think I missed one hit me up




  1. Love It.

  2. Typo on Curry’s first name. Come on, man!

    • thatswhatswrongwithsports
    • Posted June 26, 2009 at 1:12 am
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    Damn man you’re right what the hell was I thinkin! I got it though Don’t worry

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