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Stuff like this drives me nuts. Similar to Roger Clemens, Tim Floyd won’t just come out and admit he screwed up. Andy Pettitte is proof that if you accept fault for your actions, we forgive . Instead, he opts to cover himself by saying he’s “lost enthusiasm” for his job, one that he chose to return to after turning down Arizona a few months ago. What caused Tim to change his tune? The fact that the man’s a crook with no backbone. He kicks a thousand bucks over to OJ Mayo’s “handler” in order to sign the guy, people find out, and he’s suddenly lost enthusiasm?

All in all, Floyd’s going to get out of this better than everyone else, he’s made his millions already and all this cost him was one grand (by the way, a thousand bucks isn’t that much in the world of a big time basketball coach so I think there’s more to be uncovered there). However, he’s leaving a USC program in shambles that’s going to be placed on restrictions and those 19 & 20 year old kids are going to deal with their former coaches’ actions, which they (probably) had nothing to do with.
Personally, I don’t like guys going to the NBA straight out of high school, I think college is good for them to mature but if this is what we’re going to get, let them go. Instead of corrupting college sports as well as the NBA, let these guys do their thing and go pro and spend all the money they want on rims and houses and leave the great game that is college basketball to players (and coaches) that want to keep a little dignity there.


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