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What’s up guys, this is the first blog of many that will grace this blog site with it’s appearance.  This site will be dedicated to the fact that we are witnessing a sports world that is consumed with MONEY.  The ugliest thing in the world, especially to sports fans.  In the next couple years or so there is a possibility that we could be without the NFL or the NBA solely because spoiled rotten players want money more than anything in the world.  What happened to the days that kids grew up wanting to play professional sports because they loved the game?  Now kids grow up and want to go pro to make the big bucks.  In a recent Sports Illustrated article about the 16-year-old baseball prodigy Bryce Harper, Bryce was asked what his goals were as a baseball player.  His answer baffles me.  “Be in the Hall of Fame, definitely.  Play in pinstripes.  Be considered the greatest baseball player who ever lived.  I can’t wait.”  WOW.  No where in his goals did he say anything about winning a championship.  Because in todays world, it isn’t about winning with your team, it’s about putting up YOUR numbers, getting YOUR accomplishments, and YOUR awards.  That’s just how it is.  But more on that later.  That’s just about it for the inaugural blog.  Many more blogs are on the way so stay tuned.


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