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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Watch this video. Hands down the funniest video I’ve seen in my life ever. Just some quick words to set up the situation. Its guys poker night and we’re trying to get one of my asian friends to say Vulgar. This ones for you Jung kim! We all love you here at TWWWS.



The video above is probably the weirdist video I’ve seen Ever. Poor Gilbert!! This dude probably sits in front of Gilberts house all day. But on the DL the video does make me laugh.

Anyways I was sitting passing the time by being probably the only person in the world besides Ricky Rubio’s Grandma watching the draft and I’m thinking this is shaping up to be just as horrible of a draft as people thought it was. Even with these “blockbuster” trades its awful. Shaq, V.C., and Jefferson are too old to make an Impact on their teams. I don’t see any of them making a huge Impact even though I think the Cavs will win the title next year. Shaq is going to be good on the marketing side for the Cavs because they now go the 2 biggest names in the game on one team. San Antonio will look good if the bucks do buyout Bruce Bowen’s Contract. I like the Orlando trade the most becasue it gets my boy Rafer “skip to my lou” Alston out of there to prevent a PG controversy. Vince is getting old and he will take shots away from Guys like Hedo (if he stays) and Lewis.

What the hell are the T-wolves thinking drafting three PG’s? Now don’t get my wrong I like all the PG’s they got by three is way too many. I hope that GM isn’t sleeping and at least he didn’t pull an Al Davis. Same goes for my favorite team the Mavs. We got another useless big man who only started 2 games last year at THE Ohio State. What the hell???? He’s tall. Thats all. We got another Dampier on the team now… Awesome


Go Alaska

Go Alaska

  • Shaq going to Cleveland will not put them over the edge.
  • The entire Metroplex is giving up on the Rangers but….they’re in first place.
  • Say what you want about Michael Jackson in the latter half of his life, but the guy was greatness for a time.
  • The NBA draft’s ratings will be loooowwww now, everyone will be tuned in to Jackson coverage.
  • The Palin family has way too much Alaskan pride.
  • How long did Gov. Sanford think he could hide out before people got suspicious?
  • Joe Girardi’s days are numbered.
  • A-Rod’s numbers look like someone recently off steroids.
  • Scott Boras is a large part of why baseball is screwed up today. Bryce Harper is under his “advisement” already and after the SI article, it’s clear where both of their head$ are at.
  • The Mavs traded down 2 spots and added a second round pick. So basically, they’ll pick two spots later and will now waste 2 second round picks instead of 1.
  • If Greg Oden doesn’t do anything next year, he’ll be right there with Darko, just with a better ESPN the Magazine commercial.

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Therefore this past season I wept many times over the short comings of this team.  I have broken down the lack of success this team had into two reasons, which happen to be the two worst things that can happen to any team heading into a season.  One of which is everyone crowning you the champion before the season starts.  The second is all of your players becoming satisfied with where they are.  Luckily, I have a solution for the second.

When a player has a great season, should he be compensated?  Certainly.  I am not against players getting to re-negotiate their contract after a great year.  My problem is this.  What happens the next year?  The player gets his re-negotiation and gets more money.  Now what?  That player is now satisfied with what he has and is just going to ride out the rest of his FAT contract.  The solution is simple.  Just like the players can get more money for a good season, the owner should be reimbursed if that player has a bad season.  Just like they put incentives in contracts for a good season, make a minimum that player must reach as well.  Let’s say I have a defensive end.  He wants a million dollar bonus if he gets 25 sacks this year.  Fine.  But if you don’t get 15, that defensive ends will pay me, the owner, one million dollars for not living up to his potential.  This makes these players, no matter how much they are getting right now, want to continue to do better so they don’t end up getting penalized for poor performance.

They only problem with this is that it would undoubtedly lead to a players strike because, let’s face it, players these days are just too spoiled to go for a deal like this.  However, I see this as our only choice.

With the NBA draft rolling just around the corner and such a mediocre draft class coming in the league it’s hard to focus on the basketball talent coming in. So with that being said I would like to turn our attention in another direction. With so many NBA players putting out horrible rap albums these days I can only wonder who the next Great Aristotle or T-Hud will be. So I comprised a list of the top five most likely players in this draft to drop a rap album. A message to all NBA draftees: DO NOT ever rap unless you’re going to A) diss Kobe or B)…Wait there is no other reason

5.Tyler Hansbrough– Phsyco T at first glance may look like a Muppet, but once you actually see him on the court he’s crazy. Plus we all know that he can party with the best of them. Name another rapper that would jump off of a frat house into a pool.

4.Stephen Curry– This small school rapper has absolutely no rap potential at all, But he has already been featured in a music video which gives him a leg up on other players. With him likely projected to go to the Big Apple in majority of the draft boards I see the NCAA’S leading scorer trying to take his rap talent somewhere else.

3.Ricky Rubio– Alright so he’s from Spain and probably hasn’t been exposed to the rap game as much as the other people on this list but have you seen what this kid can do with the ball? Just imagine what he could do if you give him a mic and a beat laboratory.

2.Hasheem Thabeet– People, look at his name! This guy was born with an alias rap name! He wasn’t born to play ball he was born to rap.

1.Brandon Jennings– This kid is the cockiest player I’ve seen come into the draft in a long time. And with that being said he probably thinks he’s the best rapper alive so it’s only a matter of time before we see Brandon Jennings being found by Dre and then having T-pain featured in one of his rap videos.

Thus Concludes my list of potential rappers. Theres a lot of Rookies out there so if you think I missed one hit me up


Well here we go again.  Sosa is once again all over the news for his positive drug test in 2003.  To quote Chris Rock, “I thought it was Groundhogs Day when I heard that.”  Are we really going to talk about this again?  I guess we are.

In 2003 over 1000 MLB players took what was called an anonymous drug test, thinking that their results would be confidential.  Sosa was one of those players and his results have been released obviously.  Now the question is should everyone that took the “anonymous” test, and tested positive, be named also?  According to White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen, thats not too bad of an idea.  “It’s really sad. Really sad.  We all should be embarrassed. No matter how you put it, you’re not going to win. Every other week or every two weeks or whatever we have to talk about this or somebody out or another player. I think whoever’s name is out there just bring it up and deal with it for one day and we don’t have to sit here every day(quote from”  I cant help but agree with him.  It is time to smoke out all of the guilty.  Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do?  Doesn’t it make sense?  Ozzie has a great point.  If they bring the names out, they will deal with them, we will hear about it on ESPN for about a week, and then it will be done.  Maybe done is the wrong word, done for now more like it(My faith in MLB honesty is almost completely gone).  The alternative, we dont expose these guys, they keep putting up their phony numbers, and someday get inducted into the Hall of Fame.  What do you do then?  Do you call them out now?  Or let these cheaters live forever in baseball history with numbers that they paid for rather than earned?  It has to stop sometime, and that time is now.  Lets picture this, just for a moment.  You turn on the TV and for once, you dont see the steroid topic on the little ticker thing on the side.  That is the world I want to live in.  I hate the fact that whenever I hear about a baseball player on a tear and putting up great numbers, I cant help but think, I bet that guy is on the juice.  But thats the world that we live in.  The ball is in your court MLB, its time to expose the guilty.

Stuff like this drives me nuts. Similar to Roger Clemens, Tim Floyd won’t just come out and admit he screwed up. Andy Pettitte is proof that if you accept fault for your actions, we forgive . Instead, he opts to cover himself by saying he’s “lost enthusiasm” for his job, one that he chose to return to after turning down Arizona a few months ago. What caused Tim to change his tune? The fact that the man’s a crook with no backbone. He kicks a thousand bucks over to OJ Mayo’s “handler” in order to sign the guy, people find out, and he’s suddenly lost enthusiasm?

All in all, Floyd’s going to get out of this better than everyone else, he’s made his millions already and all this cost him was one grand (by the way, a thousand bucks isn’t that much in the world of a big time basketball coach so I think there’s more to be uncovered there). However, he’s leaving a USC program in shambles that’s going to be placed on restrictions and those 19 & 20 year old kids are going to deal with their former coaches’ actions, which they (probably) had nothing to do with.
Personally, I don’t like guys going to the NBA straight out of high school, I think college is good for them to mature but if this is what we’re going to get, let them go. Instead of corrupting college sports as well as the NBA, let these guys do their thing and go pro and spend all the money they want on rims and houses and leave the great game that is college basketball to players (and coaches) that want to keep a little dignity there.

What’s up guys, this is the first blog of many that will grace this blog site with it’s appearance.  This site will be dedicated to the fact that we are witnessing a sports world that is consumed with MONEY.  The ugliest thing in the world, especially to sports fans.  In the next couple years or so there is a possibility that we could be without the NFL or the NBA solely because spoiled rotten players want money more than anything in the world.  What happened to the days that kids grew up wanting to play professional sports because they loved the game?  Now kids grow up and want to go pro to make the big bucks.  In a recent Sports Illustrated article about the 16-year-old baseball prodigy Bryce Harper, Bryce was asked what his goals were as a baseball player.  His answer baffles me.  “Be in the Hall of Fame, definitely.  Play in pinstripes.  Be considered the greatest baseball player who ever lived.  I can’t wait.”  WOW.  No where in his goals did he say anything about winning a championship.  Because in todays world, it isn’t about winning with your team, it’s about putting up YOUR numbers, getting YOUR accomplishments, and YOUR awards.  That’s just how it is.  But more on that later.  That’s just about it for the inaugural blog.  Many more blogs are on the way so stay tuned.